Understanding FETAC                            

Many people now have heard of FETAC Accredited Courses particularly FETAC Level 5 Care related modules or courses that appear to have become the standard expected by many employers in the care sector. However, for many although they may have heard of FETAC Courses, they may still not understand what FETAC stands for or what they do. We hope that this section of our website will address some of the most common queries we receive.

The Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) is the national body for further education and training in Ireland. It allows individuals the opportunity to gain recognition for education and training in the workplace, in the community or at recognised educational institutions or training centres across Ireland.

FETAC are involved in:

  • Making awards
  • Promoting awards
  • Giving training programmes recognised certification at an appropriate level
  • Monitoring the quality of training programmes
  • Ensuring quality and consistency of training
  • Deciding on the standards required for training programmes and their delivery

There has been an increased focus on the quality of care being provided in a range of care settings. In Ireland, there has been a demand for FETAC certification for learning outcomes defined in terms of standards of knowledge, skill and competence. Achieving an award recognises these learning outcomes in terms of what a person with a particular award knows, can do and understand rather than just how much time has been spent on a training programme.

The fact that FETAC has a range of care related modules and has set the standard learning outcomes for each module, we can be confident of how a learner has performed against these outcomes. This is a step closer to achieving quality care in all care settings particularly as employers start to look for these awards as proof that a potential employee is at a particular standard.

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